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   The benefits of eProcurement

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Learn how PurchaseSmart can be your end-to-end solution.  

A large percentage of your company's cost of sales consists of the cost of purchasing materials and services. Many companies are looking to procurement systems to increase their sourcing effectiveness and drive down costs.

An organization that fully embraces eProcurement is armed to most effectively leverage its spend, align its negotiation strategy with organizational demand and develop a rational, high-performance supplier community. These companies will experience continuous improvement in their sourcing function, not just one-time efficiency gains, and gain the full benefits of strategic sourcing.

PurchaseSmart helps you achieve greater ROI levels as a direct result of:

Purchasing process improvements

  • Reduce paperwork-purchasers submit requests directly from their desktops
  • Conduct three-way and two-way invoice matching
  • Provide end-to-end asset management of resources
  • Support Web-enabled RFQ auctions

Purchasing controls

  • Eliminate maverick buying from unauthorized suppliers
  • Enforce contract buying
  • Monitor purchasing activity through predefined analytics and reports

Supplier rationalization

  • Monitor supplier performance
  • Analyze supplier and spend for enhanced negotiating leverage and supplier management

Spend optimization

  • Negotiate better contracts on frequently purchased commodities

Conduct reverse auctioning

  • Improve data gathering and reporting on expenditures

Inventory carrying cost reduction

  • Reduce the level of inventory and carrying cost by better planning
  • Set reorder quantities and time in the inventory system for automatic delivery
  • Set automatic stock levels and identify excess inventory optimization levels

The benefits PurchaseSmart provides your company extend well beyond process improvements, empowering your employees to buy more strategically and delivering both an immediate and ongoing return on your investment.

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