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   White Papers
Learn how PurchaseSmart can be your end-to-end solution.  

The white papers offered here are in PDF format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader to read PDF files, please download it now.

Find out how PurchaseSoft delivers procurement intelligence and supports strategic sourcing.

Procurement Intelligence
The Bottom Line Value of Purchasing Analytics
PDF 2.5 MB, 11 pages

Strategic sourcing is not a new idea, but only now have tools become available to support the comprehensive data capture and robust analysis capabilities that can empower businesses to make more effective purchasing decisions.

In addition to streamlining buying activities through automated procurement technologies, purchasing analytic tools reveal trends and patterns in an organization's procurement choices; understanding these patterns can help a company make more strategic decisions about suppliers, goods, and purchasing behaviors.


  • The ROI Engine of E-Procurement
  • The Challenge of Procurement Today
  • Driving Strategic Sourcing through Purchasing Analysis
  • The Flaws of Today's Procurement Solutions
  • PurchaseSoft Delivers the Benefits of Procurement Intelligence
  • PurchaseSoft Capabilities
  • Real World Applications: PurchaseSoft Procurement Intelligence
  • Conclusion: Strategic Advantage through PurchaseSoft Procurement Intelligence
Download Procurement Intelligence PDF 2.5 MB, 11 pages
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