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Learn how PurchaseSmart can be your end-to-end solution.  

PurchaseSoft drives down procurement costs with a practical, reliable solution for companywide purchasing efficiency.

PurchaseSoft began operations as a management consulting firm in 1977, specializing in "best practices" for purchasing and materials management. In 1987, the company developed its first purchasing system in response to customer feedback and purchasing needs.

In 1999, PurchaseSoft introduced PurchaseSmart, a Web-based procurement solution based on Java™ and HTML technologies.

Maximizing your investment in a procurement system
A large percentage of your company's cost of sales consists of the cost of purchasing materials and services. Many companies are looking to procurement systems to increase their sourcing effectiveness and drive down costs.

However, if you're investing in a procurement solution to generate savings from process improvement, you are only providing your organization with a partial solution.


Because when the goals of streamlining your ordering process are largely realized through automating your system, your residual savings will be limited to those process improvements.

For your company to realize significant ongoing savings, you need a procurement system that also supports strategic sourcing.

A cornerstone for strategic sourcing
Strategic sourcing is a complete, systematic approach to analyzing and managing your entire purchasing process. Most procurement systems lack the flexibility or analytic capabilities to provide the meaningful and detailed information procurement managers need to source goods strategically.

PurchaseSoft supports strategic sourcing by providing the analytical tools necessary to assess buyer or supplier performance and activities, ensuring they are consistent with your company's business practices and goals. In addition, you can view analytical data in real time, as opposed to viewing reports generated from data that is weeks--or even months--old.

The benefits to your company extend well beyond process improvements, empowering your employees to buy more strategically and delivering both an immediate and ongoing return on your investment.

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